Do you feel overwhelmed,
unfulfilled or stuck in life or business?

You have come to the right place!


Have you tried lots of programs, but don’t know what’s wrong and don’t know what to do next?


I know what it means to  feel stuck.  I got severely depressed and anxious back in 1989 in New York City.  My life was not going the way I had planned, I was working in a dead-end job, and in a moment of despair, I asked for help, and I discovered the secret to healing the mind.  I had a spiritual awakening and learned something very powerful that gave me a whole new way of being.  Now, I get to create my life and choose what I want to experience.  Nothing stops me.


THE TRUTH IS: I found that success begins in the mindset, the beliefs you hold about yourself and your place in the world.  Successful people know that their mindset is critical to achieving their dreams.  Whether it’s your business, finances, self-worth, or fulfillment, the problems you face come down to one thing: your beliefs about yourself.

I am Monica Dubay, and for 30 years I have helped people heal their mind…now I want to help you, so you too can live powerfully and make a difference for people in the world.

I have created programs that address the cause of the problem so you can live powerfully knowing who you are, why you are here and what you’re meant to do.  You have a purpose, its up to you to discover it and take action on it so you can experience real lasting fulfillment in life. 

You get rapid results: I will teach you to break through your inner resistance for good so you can thrive and have power and impact in your life.  I have one question:

Do you want freedom from your past or beliefs that bind you?  Of course you do…Here’s what to do next:

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Is This For You?


I believe YOU deserve to be fulfilled, wealthy, and to know who you are: a being of possibility, real, lasting love and joy being your normal state.  I love watching my clients become free of their past just by applying my simple methods. YOU CAN DO IT!  


YOU WILL LEARN to release fear in your mind & find your own healing capacity... YOU WILL break through stuck areas of your life, including financial and self-worth. YOU GET AMAZING RESULTS QUICKLY.

results you can expect

> FREE YOURSELF FROM fear and self-doubt
> CERTAINTY for your life and business
> BE THE REAL YOU finally in life and business

Here’s why you need this now


  • THIS IS THE MOST POWERFUL WAY TO release long-held emotional resistance.
  • YOU DON'T WANT TO STAY STUCK in anxiety, playing small, afraid of being visible or of success.
  • YOU DESERVE WEALTH, abundance, and happiness.
  • YOU FINALLY GET THE SUPPORT YOU NEED to create the life you want.


Coaching Programs

We will discuss your options on your FREE Breakthrough Session.



It’s Your Time! – A 6 Hour Day just for you!  In person or virtual, to dive deep to uncover what’s stopping you, and resolve those issues quicky.  You will feel a brand new energy, clarity, and focus on what you want, what you need to move forward, and how to get there!
Your life or business will not be the same after your VIP Day Intensive with Monica.  Schedule a Free Breakthrough Session below to get started.

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears. As we take full responsibility for our thoughts and beliefs and let them transform, we become the solution. Peace and joy is an internal state of mind we must embrace in order to become powerful creators." Monica Dubay

Speaker For Your Next Event

Monica is a world-class mindset coach, with 30 years experience leading passionate, inspiring presentations that motivate audiences to step into their power and create lives of purpose.  Participants have breakthroughs in consciousness and learn to take action now. Your audience will be transformed and inspired.

Free Mind Alignment Session

Finally, get the help you’ve been seeking!
Sign up right now for a FREE Coaching Session, with Monica.  It’s called the Mind Alignment Session because you will discover what you really want, release what is blocking you, and learn how to take action right away. You will leave with renewed enthusiasm and energy to move forward.  
Guaranteed to shift you immediately.


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"I had dug myself into a deep hole where I found myself with no energy, no desire or reason to continue. After 14 weeks with Monica I'm no longer depressed. The shifts in perception I have experienced in every session have been key in pulling me out of that hole. Thanks to Monica's strong holistic guidance, I can now feel the energy of life starting to move through me again. I'm experiencing creative ideas and feeling inspired to implement them. And I've connected, more strongly than ever, to an inner truth that is now guiding my life and my purpose for being here."

Cynthia, April 2018
Founder & CEO

When I called Monica I was desperately searching for someone to really help me. I had worked with many other people already; as I have been experiencing chronic health challenges for more than 10 years, which affects me on every level of my Being. There is safety and authenticity in the space Monica holds. To me, this is imperative for healing that does more than temporarily shift your mood. I felt I could unhinge and go deeply into uncovering sources of grief, pain and bewilderment. Monica continued to hold that space and allow me to feel, not hide, not pretend that I am more alright than I really am…thus teaching me to remember to be authentic, to have courage and love unconditionally; starting with myself.

Alicia Milliken

When I met Monica, I was at a crossroad. I was looking for a skill set that I can add to my bag of tools and move forward to my next step. Monica's honesty was a very big connection for me and I opened up to a big experience. I will be honest with you. My fear about acceptance, money and loneliness was driving my lack of focus and joy. If any of you know that your thoughts are driving your decisions, Monica is skilled at directing you to uncover your truth.

Patty Miske

I worked weekly with Monica as my spiritual life coach at Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life for 6 months. She guided gently with full integrity... Monica combines deep spiritual preparation and personal clearing work with effective methodology. She is assisted by highly developed intuitive guidance. I gained a comfort with the process and can use it now with myself and others. I was under construction and experienced steady, continual opening every week. I know I am up-leveling and expanding continuously. Go for it! Your happiness is waiting for you

Nancy Fitzgerald, June 2017, Amesbury, MA

I've worked with Monica for just under three months, and I have had more healing in that time than 30 years of therapy. Monica truly opened doors in my soul, which I thought were locked forever. She helped me see new ways of forgiving. She steered me away from blaming others for my misery, and she guided me towards loving myself. Monica has helped me identify self-limiting beliefs, extricate them and let them go. I truly have never experienced such deep clearing and healing. I can't wait for what is to come in our next three months together!

Melissa Dugan, Oct 1, 2016

Monica showed me how to live without fear, how to love myself more, and to forgive those who hurt me in the past. I don't wake up angry and feeling like a failure anymore. With her guidance I have become more positive, loving and productive in my life. I recommend to anyone who is feeling this way to reach out to Monica. She has really helped me look at life more positively.

-Tim C. Feb. 2016

For many years I felt deep in my heart that there was a life purpose waiting for me to embrace and fulfill. I tried several ways over the years to discover this purpose with out any success. I had given up and thought I'd never find it until I met Monica. Her ability to guide me and into finding my life purpose in our individual sessions, was miraculous and I now feel an overwhelming sense of joy, relief and belonging.

Crystal Goodwin, April 2016

Money Blocks Master Class - What worked was the powerful releasing with the group and your energy work to remove them. It was amazing how tapped in I felt and then to be able to test my body's response after a clearing was truly liberating and empowering. Oh, and I felt such incredible RELIEF to name the limiting beliefs, bring them out into the daylight and face them head on. Feeling them drain away from me was truly life changing! It was also beneficial to hear what other women are carrying around in their hearts and souls and to know we are not alone and that there is help with the work that we did together.

Paula Foster, March 2016

I have worked with Monica just over a year. In that year, I have had more healing than in my lifetime of soul searching, faith building, inner child work, family counseling and personal therapy. She uses not only potent coaching practices but also powerful, energy work to magnify healing. Every week she steadily and easily guides me deeper and deeper into my soul. She has opened me up to truly knowing myself and discovering my unique path. I am an entirely different person than I was one year ago. I am happier, more satisfied, grounded, at peace and definitely, more accepting of myself and others. Our work together has grown beyond healing old wounds and feeling better. Monica is helping me strengthen my intuition and build my faith. She is more than a guide, coach, and mentor. She is a voice of unconditional love, pure acceptance, and Universal understanding.

Melissa Dugan, August 2017



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