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The Coaching Programs include both private and group coaching with Monica Dubay.  Schedule a free private session to find out how you can get the results you are seeking.

Mindset and Business Coaching creates real transformation that changes lives dramatically.  

Mindset Coaching

Mindset is 99% of the game.  When your mind is clear, you have certainty and can effectively build your life from power and possibility.  You learn to create your life without doubt, fear or emotional patterns that may have stopped you before.  Your life will change dramatically!

For over 28 years, I have been helping people transform their mind to a new way of being . Once you have the ability to access your real power to choose what you want to believe, your life changes dramatically. You will discover who you really are and become aligned with all aspects of your life.    You will learn to:

  • Quickly release emotional blocks and painful memories from the past
  • Crush fear and self-doubt.
  • Become empowered and aligned to your True Self
  • Learn to create your life as you desire, not from the past but the powerful future.
  • Release patterns of self-sabotage like procrastination and hiding out
  • Release money blocks and embrace the possibility of wealth to serve more effectively
  • Gain real clarity for your life and be transformed from fear to love
  • Heal your relationships by taking full responsibility; becoming authentic
  • Embrace your real Self in all aspects of your life including your health
  • Become miracle minded and embrace the field of all possibilities

Business Coaching

Do you want to lead, to impact people, to serve in ways that are completely authentic to you?  Do you know what it takes have impact and serve?  Your life has meaning, and your job is to discover what it is, in order to carry forth your vision and mission.  Strategy and decisive action is required.   With support from me, you can do anything you choose.  

Business Coaching will help you to clarify your business goals, clear out the resistance to marketing your programs, charge what you’re worth, attract your ideal clients, find your niche and fulfill your purpose!  Don’t wait.  Contact me now, to schedule your free breakthrough session below.

Customers reviews

What people say:

I have worked with Monica for just under three months and I have had more healing in that time than 3 years of therapy. Her work has shifted me out of self-defeating beliefs and into hope and excitement about life…Monica truly opened doors in my soul, which I thought were locked forever. She helped me see new ways of forgiving. She has helped me identify self-limiting beliefs, extricate them and let them go. I truly have never experienced such deep clearing and healing.
Melissa Dugan
Monica's coaching has enabled me to set up a coaching business that I only dreamed of before. Her skills at uncovering and releasing the core beliefs that were stopping me was profound. I recommend her highly to anyone wanting a major shift in their life or business.

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