State of Grace

Are you tired of an endless spiritual search that only seems to lead you into more confusion? Do you wonder when you will reap the fruits of your search and actually find the peace that is promised in the traditions that lead to enlightenment? What does it mean to actually hit a true “bottom”? Have …

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Give up

Listening within is the key to your awakening. Certainty of who you are is always available to you and you have no need to do anything to find it. You really can’t change yourself. You are not two selves in conflict. Fear is made up and you must get wise to your own tendency to …

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Healing is release from fear. The certainty that fear is not real is the premise upon which all healing rests. The one thing you never want to do is relinquish fear entirely because then, you, as you have constructed yourself, wouldn’t exist.You can’t really let go of fear, you can recognize that you made it …

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