Unleash Your Authentic Self as You Release the Raw Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Cut Through The ‘’experts’’ Self-Help Promises You Have Been Spoonfed and Crush Through Your Inner Blocks



My name is Monica Dubay

If you know me personally – you know I’m all about RESULTS

That’s why I’ve spent over 30 years METICULOUSLY helping coaches and healers around the world embrace POWERFUL mind transformation, grow their businesses and earn real money.

But more on that later…

See, there are THOUSANDS of self-proclaimed gurus and books that teach “mind transformation”, but the truth is:
Very few of them explain the PRACTICAL STEPS of HOW to get there. And even more importantly… 


Few of them LIVE IT.

You are about to go on a journey with me… This is a TRUE STORY, the real, raw, uncensored lessons

So let’s start with everyone’s favorite topic… My Experience Being… “The victim of the corporate world”

It’s hard to believe, but the depression I went through over 3 decades ago was a real nightmare. A whirlwind of depressive thoughts, feelings of failure, and all out CONFUSION. The roller coaster of emotions and the dark thoughts were INTENSE. I often thought to myself…

“How did I get here?”

I “knew” I was a good person… or at least I “thought” I was a good person…

So I went into deep introspection. I questioned EVERYTHING… my faith, my career, my existence. I thought about what impact I wanted to have on the world… I sought out doctors, psychotherapists, gurus, read books, meditated, explored ideas, and I slowly uncovered some deep-rooted issues.

I Realized I Had A Deep Void In My Soul Which I Needed To Fill Quickly...

I went ALL OUT. I discovered a mind training called A COURSE IN MIRACLES  and it led me on a journey into victory and total life transformation. It’s not just a set of guidelines. It’s a blueprint into the mind.  Not just philosophy and wisdom, but REAL experience of LOVE being the source of everything.  I FOUND JOY!

I myself then coached and taught the Course to hundreds of people around the world for 3 decades.

These students have incorporated this wisdom into their lives and are generating amazing results. THE GOOD NEWS is that you can be part of this ELITE GROUP because I have put together an online training program that is completely revolutionary in it’s breadth and application.

What’s it called? 


This is a A CUTTING-EDGE PROGRAM Designed to Make You Happy, Healthy and BE  more Successful in your life than Ever Before. It is a DYNAMIC step-by-step guide to pulling yourself out of the black hole of self-doubt, and reaching a PERMANENT TRANSFORMATION WITHIN.

Back to Basics Spiritual Life Mastery Program is an IMMEDIATELY effective DOSE
of love and acceptance of what is true about your mind and therefore, your life, delivered 


…anytime, anywhere, at your own pace, right from your laptop.

The Journey…

I will help you EMBRACE THE JOURNEY of AWAKENING and Mastering your Mind.

  • This will be a NEW JOURNEY for you… this is NOT a journey of learning, this is a journey requires removing what’s in your way.
  • You’ll escape the pain of running in circles and not getting anywhere.
  • Achieve a new state of BEING, learn to let go of fear, doubts, attachments, and social conditioning.

Go beyond endlessly “seeking” for your TRUE SELF and break out of the trap of endlessly collecting more information, more knowledge, and more “stuff” as a temporary escape of pain assuming that it will eventually take you to the place you want to be (it won’t!).



isn’t about hopes & wishes.


Embrace the Process, and BREAK FREE of the Addiction to the Constant State of Anxiety, Misery, and Being STUCK. Quickly learn how to let go of ALL negative thoughts related to YOUR LIFE, including money, time and purpose.  You will learn to harness your mind and break through painful emotions using powerful methods. 

Experience a lighter feeling within yourself that transfers every thought, every emotion, and every action.

This program will take your temporary successes, turn them into permanent improvements, and cement them into your NEW FOUND JOYFUL REALITY.

Your weaknesses will become your strengths, Your vulnerabilities will become your advantages, Your losses will become your victories. 

You will discover how the Subconscious Mind is responsible for EVERYTHING you do..

  • You will become aware of your subconscious and establish ULTIMATE INNER PEACE.
  • Learn how the subconscious mind works, and how to decode it.
  • Decompress the mind clutter that has been ingrained upon you since day one.

Learn How to Harness Your Subconscious And LISTEN to your INTUITION as a Guiding Compass for Your Life.

It took me ALMOST 3 DECADES to internalize everything I’m teaching you at this point. From the moment I realized that I HAD TO DO SOMETHING – the goal I have now is to bring you something that would really CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Not just another “product”, Not just another “piece of content”, Not just another “false hope”

But something real, something lasting, something that you can look back on as a CRITICAL TURNING POINT in your life. That’s why it is designed to be a 7 Week Online Coaching Program.

Within each Module, you will be getting access to literally EVERYTHING you need. I will break down EVERY STEP FOR YOU, so all you have to do is show up!

You won’t have to waste time figuring it out on your own – I’ve already done it for you!


Now, let me ask you this:

  • Would you like to discover the root causes of your fears and CRUSH them completely?
  • Would you like to MASTER how to communicate with others without a fake front, holding back, not speaking your truth?
  • Would you like to dissolve your VICTIM once and for all?
  • Would you like to stop playing small and TRULY SUCCEED at your life and business?

If so, it’s simple and straight forward


Click the sign up button to take the first step

You must sign up for a Free Breakthrough Coaching Session with me to find out if you are ready to Transform Your Life and LIVE from aligned purpose to your real values.

The program begins now and runs for 7 weeks.

There will be two sessions per week via Zoom. The Content is recorded for you, so you can watch each module when you want.  The live Coaching with me is weekly on Thursdays at 5PM Eastern time.

includes 2 Bonus Master Classes

Release Your Money Blocks

Release Your Sabotaging Beliefs.

You will receive access to the powerful Master Classes right away

You will be coached by me, Monica Dubay over the 7 weeks.

You will have access to the private FaceBook Group, to get your questions
answered and make important connections with participants.

We will discuss all the details on the call

Before you know it, you will be well on your way to a transformational experience that is GUARANTEED to leave an eternal impact on your life. Unfortunately, if you don’t take action now… if you don’t hold yourself accountable to your own dreams… I can’t do it for you. Truth is, if you really, truly want to WIN, you have to do something about it.

Are you going to let your life pass you by, while you sit around and TALK about what you could have, or should have done? Or are you going to take that first step in the right direction?

The choice is yours. The power is in YOUR HANDS. Don’t cheat yourself out of happiness. Don’t settle for mediocrity.


If you put the effort in, you WILL see every area of your life start to TAKE OFF.

  • You will gain more CLARITY and focus and certainty.
  • Your confidence will skyrocket, you'll stop procrastinating and putting off your happiness.
  • You will make money more EFFORTLESSLY.

When is the last time you invested in YOURSELF? When you really invested the time to make a CHANGE?

THIS POWERFUL PROGRAM is your chance to knock yourself out of that rut, and start on a NEW path, a PROVEN path that will end in RESULTS.

This program is for you if…

  • You feel Like You are NOT ENOUGH and WANT TO CHANGE
  • You are SICK and TIRED of Not Feeling Fulfilled Despite Having External Success.
  • You are looking to FIND YOUR PURPOSE in Life
  • You are seeking TRUE HAPPINESS by Discovering and Being THE REAL YOU
  • You are GET OUT OF PAIN Quickly
  • You want to Live a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE
  • You want to UNDERSTAND the Key to REAL ABUNDANCE

The list goes on… If this resonates with you, welcome aboard to a journey that not many individuals know about.

That being said,

Let me tell you who this product is NOT FOR…

  • If you are SATISFIED with what you have right now...
  • If you enjoy living in MEDIOCRITY...
  • If you are okay with being VICTIM of the world
  • If you like to live in REACTION to your surroundings and people
  • If you like to SUPPRESS your feelings

I’d rather not continue because, I know this is not YOU… “RIGHT?”



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