Monica Dubay


Hello, I’m so glad you found me.  I had a profound spiritual awakening in 1989, came out of a six month deep depression, by finding my path and working with my thoughts.  After 10 years of teaching A Course in Miracles in New York City, I entered an ashram in 1999, where I lived for 12 years in service. My life has never been the same. I have dedicated my life to helping people transform from fear to love, from pain to peace.  

I have led retreats and healings for people in many countries and cities.  My goal now is to awaken a thousand women to heal, bring compassion and their unique gifts into the world.  Why?  Because it’s time.

I love knowing that you have an important purpose here, and your life has real importance, even if you don’t know what that is, I can help you discover it.  We are here to become free of our conditioning, to clean up the past, to embrace love that comes from within and to extend it to the world.

My upcoming book, Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life  is about how to change your fundamental blueprint of your life to live with freedom, abundance and purpose.

Since my first awakening experience using A Course in Miracles in 1989, I have focused on the healing of the mind.   I am a, spiritual guide, retreat and workshop leader and a powerful intuitive energy healer and coach.

My programs are designed to help bring you out of fear rapidly and shift into the being you were always meant to be. No matter your background, education, life experience or age, I can help you discover how to bring your amazing spiritual gifts into the world and create a thriving business doing what you love.

As a healer, I have helped hundreds of people with problems achieve amazing results

Release of stress, greater inner peace, release of tension, release of pain and other physical symptoms, health restored, anxiety resolved, depression lifted, and a new spiritual connection established with major breakthroughs in their lives and self-worth.

My extensive work with the mind brings about a major breakthrough in your consciousness.

I  have been a teacher of transformation since 1990, I have been a healer and teacher of A Course in Miraclesand work deeply in the subconscious to help you transform. I hold a Masters Degree from Brooklyn College in Music Performance. I play jazz and classical music.  My heart opens up when performing in public and people have said they feel transformed by the music. My life experience includes 12 years at a dedicated Spiritual center with an awakened Master.  I have received much healing and am in service to bring about your healing too. I have taught A Course in Miracles and spiritual methods of healing in many countries such as Australia, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, and Germany.  I have lived in Europe and have traveled extensively. I lived in New York City for many years and worked for Marianne Williamson.

I inspire people to find what brings them joy and embrace it to create a life of freedom from fear and self-doubt. My clients all get amazing results.

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