Monica is a world-class mindset coach and spiritual teacher and seasoned speaker with more than 25 years experience leading passionate breakthrough presentations.  Audiences connect with her vision for a brighter future, more clarity in life and business by releasing mental  blocks and by tapping into their deepest soul’s desire for happiness and freedom.

Audiences receive healing of common mental and emotional resistance during her powerful presentations that bring about a shift in consciousness and inspire them to change their mindset and their lives as a result.

Monica has traveled the globe bringing mindset training to South America, Europe and Australia and here in the U.S.

Topics include:

  • Avoid 3 Massive Mistakes That Keep Coaches Struggling with Inconsistent Clients and Cash Flow
  • 3 Myths That Keep Women Struggling with Worry
  • Four Steps to Fearlessness in Your Life and Business
  • How to Crush Self-Sabotage in an Instant

Contact Monica to inspire and ignite your creative power and open to new possibilities for your audience at your next business or social meeting.

Contact healyourmindnow@gmail.com.

By discovering your creative power, your innate wisdom and desire for freedom and right livelihood, you will become ignited to live with love leading the way.