Meet Monica


Hello, I am a spiritual teacher, healer, writer and catalyst for transformational leadership.  I am on a mission to empower women who want to crush fear, shamelessly love themselves and change the world.

I  have been a teacher of transformation since 1990, when I was healed of anxiety and depression miraculously.  I have been a healer and teacher of A Course in Miracles for over 25 years.  I am now offering a program to help women become leaders by finding their true purpose, forgiving the past, and embracing their divine calling.

My upcoming book, Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life discusses miraculous healing and how to change your fundamental blueprint of your life to one of joy, abundance and divine purpose.

I am a licensed massage therapist, CranioSacral therapist and I hold a Masters Degree from Brooklyn College in Music Performance. My spiritual gifts include teaching, speaking and energy healing.  My experience with intuitive processes quickly release stuck energy for my clients affecting a great change in their lives.

My life experience includes 12 years at a dedicated Spiritual Transformational center with an awakened Master.  I have received much healing and am in service to bring about your healing too.

I have taught A Course in Miracles and spiritual methods of healing in many countries such as Australia, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, and Germany.  My current workshops incorporate powerful methods to eradicate fear, embrace change and claim your divine inheritance.

For 25 years, I have been a spiritual guide, a catalyst for enlightening the mind. I help my clients identify blocks, using powerful energy healing methods to assist in their release affecting a breakthrough in consciousness. I use wisdom from spiritual teachings, visioning, and inner guidance to transform. I have a deep commitment to my clients and have dedicated my life to healing and enlightening the mind.

I have personal experience with anxiety and depression and found the solution using a spiritual approach.  I have been on this path for over 25 years and my life has been changed permanently from fear and depression to a life of purpose, high integrity with divine love leading the way.

I have led many workshops in A Course in Miracles, a spiritually based mind training course in classrooms, prisons and spiritual development centers in Germany, Spain, Colombia, Australia and the United States.

Clients’ problems include emotional pain, addiction, anxiety, eating disorders, stress, physical illness, physical pain, tension disorders and relationship issues and overall frustration.

I have facilitated healings for hundreds of people with these problems to see them achieve amazing results: release of stress, greater inner peace, release of tension, release of pain and other physical symptoms, ease of stress, health restored, anxiety resolved, depression lifted, and a new spiritual connection established with major breakthroughs in their lives and self-worth.

My Transformation Program assists you to become the leader, the healer, or the business woman you are truly are meant to be.

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