Is This You?


How to Determine Your Readiness for Transformation

Are you

  1. frustrated with money?
  2. not feeling fulfilled in business?
  3. anxious about your future?
  4. not sure of your purpose?
  5. want to have impact but don’t know how?

I work with professionals, coaches, and business people.

My Program gives you the power to discover your real purpose and fulfill your mission in life.

What do I do for my clients?

I help people who are stuck discover what their life purpose is, and how to create life on their own terms. We work with the mindset which was formed in early life and can be released using a powerful, compassionate method of healing I have developed over 25 years as a coach and spiritual guide.

I stand outside your conditioning, beckoning you to come into the light of your true nature and embrace it so you can fulfill your real purpose.

Here’s what my clients have stated:

I have worked with Monica just over a year. In that year, I have had more healing than in my lifetime of soul searching, faith building, inner child work, family counseling and personal therapy. She uses not only potent coaching practices but also powerful, energy work to magnify healing. Every week she steadily and easily guides me deeper and deeper into my soul. She has opened me up to truly knowing myself and discovering my unique path. I am an entirely different person than I was one year ago. I am happier, more satisfied, grounded, at peace and definitely, more accepting of myself and others. Our work together has grown beyond healing old wounds and feeling better. Monica is helping me strengthen my intuition and build my faith. She is more than a guide, coach, and mentor. She is a voice of unconditional love, pure acceptance, and Universal understanding.

Melissa Dugan

For many years I felt deep in my heart that there was a life purpose waiting for me to embrace and fulfill. I tried several ways over the years to discover this purpose with out any success. I had given up and thought I’d never find it until I met Monica. Her ability to guide me and  into finding my life purpose in our individual sessions, was miraculous and I now feel an overwhelming sense of joy, relief and belonging.

Monica’s ability to identify and clear away beliefs about money that are keeping us stuck in the Money Blocks Workshop was extraordinary.  This workshop not only erased my fears and beliefs about money, but it changed my outlook on my whole financial future and for that I will be forever grateful. –Crystal Goodwin, April 2016

How do I heal?

Using powerful energy healing, I help move my clients toward unlimited power, freed from their past situations that bring them pain and frustration.

Coaching is very powerful. We work deeply in the subconscious and remove the blocks that prevent you from fulfilling your dream.

I also coach people on starting their business, or enhancing the one they have to create a more profitable strategy.  Freeing your mind from mental fear and doubt affects every aspect of your life.

Most of my clients are amazed at how quickly they can change.

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I can help no matter where you live, phone sessions are very powerful. I work with people world-wide.