Is This You?


How to Determine Your Readiness for Transformation

You are a good candidate to work with me if you:

  1. are feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life
  2. have tried traditional methods of healing or medical treatments and still feel stuck
  3. have done some spiritual work on yourself but want direction
  4. self- sabotage
  5. have felt depression or anxiety.

On a scale of -10, with 10 being extremely willing, are you willing to:

  1.  invest time and energy on yourself,
  2.  make your healing a top priority in your life,
  3.  go outside your comfort zone,
  4.  have real tangible results
  5. experience more freedom than ever before
  6. find your life purpose and embrace it.


If you answered between 5-10 for these questions, you should contact me right away to set up a Discovery Call. Click on the Contact button above, or email me at

I work with many types of business owners, coaches and healers, and I offer an upgrade to most current energy healing modalities by aligning and integrating a much higher vibrational frequency.  This allows you connect to your highest purpose and fulfill your mission.

What do I do for my clients?

I help people who are stuck discover who they really are, what their life purpose is, and how to create life on their own terms by releasing and healing belief patterns formed in childhood.  These belief patterns have roots from early life and can be released using a loving method of healing I have developed over 25 years as a healer.

I stand outside the realm of the illusion, beckoning you to come into the light of your true nature and embrace it.

Here’s one recent testimonial from a client who had a breakthrough in our first month of working together:

For many years I felt deep in my heart that there was a life purpose waiting for me to embrace and fulfill. I tried several ways over the years to discover this purpose with out any success. I had given up and thought I’d never find it until I met Monica. Her ability to guide me and  into finding my life purpose in our individual sessions, was miraculous and I now feel an overwhelming sense of joy, relief and belonging.

Monica’s ability to identify and clear away beliefs about money that are keeping us stuck in the Money Blocks Workshop was extraordinary.  This workshop not only erased my fears and beliefs about money, but it changed my outlook on my whole financial future and for that I will be forever grateful. –Crystal Goodwin, April 2016

How do I heal?

Using powerful energy healing, I help move my clients toward unlimited power, freed from their past situations that bring them pain and frustration.

Most of my clients are amazed at how quickly and how powerfully they can come out of these limits, by embracing aspects of their higher Self and connection to Source.

If this sounds like something you are seeking, contact me immediately to schedule a free 30 minute discovery session. CLICK HERE to set up your session immediately.

You can review my clients’ reports on the Reviews page.

Don’t take my word for it!

I can help no matter where you live. My phone and Skype sessions are very powerful. I work with people world-wide.