Release Your Self-Sabotaging Beliefs Master Class

Do you find yourself

  • procrastinating?
  • hiding?
  • staying invisible?
  • making excuses?
  • pretending your OK?
  • blaming others, or
  • staying in a job or relationship you don’t like?

It’s called self-sabotage and it can be debilitating.

In this powerful Master Class, we release 23 sabotaging beliefs that keep you stuck and denying you happiness.

Let me ask you: when you have a great idea of doing something you truly want to do, do you hear yourself say things like, “You could never do that” or, “Who do you think you are?

I know because I was there. I had a business idea and a desire to do it, but my sabotaging beliefs kept me feeling small.

Then, I learned how to release these ideas and everything changed. I ask you:

  • What if you could eliminate your sabotaging beliefs that keep you stuck?
  • Can you imagine how it would feel to have these beliefs lifted quickly and effortlessly from your mind by a powerful healer of the mind?
  • How would your life change if you could do what you truly want to do with your life?

FACT: The universe wants you to be happy and free from fear, from false beliefs that are not true. 

  • All you have to do is sign up, listen to the class and the bonus guided healing once to have an experience of release.
  • And… the best thing is, it’s yours forever to listen to as many times as you like.
  • You will receive the Class Recording, the full Workbook with all the truth statements and affirmations, and a 25 minute BONUS Meditation on Self-Love that releases fear and stuck energy just by listening to it!

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Release Your Money Blocks and Find Financial Freedom Master Class

money heart 300So many of us struggle with finances when we begin to claim our life’s purpose… Here’s an efficient and effective way to undo those blocks that keep you stuck.

The Complete Master Class called “Release Your Money Blocks and Find Financial Freedom” is a powerful healing of 21 commonly held money beliefs.

What you will experience:

  • A release of 21 subconscious blocks in one powerful class.
  • A shift on the deepest level from your fear, doubt and scarcity mind-set.
  • A new mindset of financial freedom and abundance.

Then watch your life change. Doors will open within you as you embrace the new energy of financial flow into your life.

FACT:  It would take years to uncover these beliefs and learn how to release them on your own.

I’ve made it so simple for you…what have you got to lose?…just your blocks! I am on a mission to clear away those nasty beliefs.

Since my awakening many years ago, I have been a spiritual teacher and intuitive healer.

I have helped hundreds of people them heal their minds and bodies, to reclaim their power and purpose in life.

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