Jun 292017

By Monica Dubay

Why should we cultivate a gratitude practice?  I often think it’s a term that’s bantered around a lot without giving it real significance. I have found that if we don’t appreciate the wonderful things in life, we miss out.

So much of the time, we are stressing about things that may not even be happening, when we worry, our mind focuses on the negative, on lack and on the future.  We aren’t in the now, when we are worrying. We are imagining scenarios of gloom and doom, and they aren’t even real.  It’s pure imagination and it causes so much anxiety.

When you cultivate a gratitude practice, by recognizing all the great things that are happening in your life, you change and so does the world.

When you stop complaining, stop worrying, and learn to give your attention to what is true and good about your life right now, something shifts and you begin to change your life.  You take control of the thoughts in your mind.

Your focus goes to what is really going on behind your limited perception, choosing to see that there is something way bigger than your little complaints.

It’s much more than just making a list.

A real gratitude practice is not making a list, but writing one thing down that you are grateful for, say a relationship that helped you.  And you focus on that person, you open your heart, you feel light coming through you to them and you acknowledge your desire to extend gratitude to them.

Being thankful for all you have been given and all that you really are, is active because gratitude is an activation of your feel good hormones, which allow you to feel joy from giving and extending love.  Then you repeat it with another person…and feel that.

When you give gratitude, it heals you and it benefits you as much as the other person, and it really connects you to them, and allows you to feel and experience the oneness of all living things.

It takes you out of your own limited viewpoint and teaches you to feel into the freedom of choice, your innate capacity to change your mind and become free again.

Freedom from fear is the reason I cultivate a gratitude practice.

I sometimes wake up anxious not knowing what the day will bring, what work I should do, who I need to contact. I work for myself, so I’m alone when not with clients or teaching, and I need to constantly battle my fear, which is just resistance.

When I stop, and take time to make my bed, thanking my pillow, my refrigerator, my housemate, my parents, my clients, my life, my Self, and my connection to all living things, I feel better.  I get dressed thanking my clothes, my makeup, my toothbrush and really feel how nice it is to have everything I need.

It’s so simple, but we get out of the habit, we get crazy and forget how connected and taken care of we are.

So, how do you become grateful when you are challenged by a circumstance you don’t like?

The most important time to remember gratitude is when something didn’t work out the way you wanted.

Life is full of heartaches, when someone we love abandons or betrays us, when we feel grief over loss, it’s a very important time to practice gratitude.

To remember good things, to remember that even if you’re hurting, you can embrace the hurt with gratitude for making you feel deeply.

When my husband announced he wanted to split up with me, I went into a state of deep anger and resentment.  I thought it was the worst thing he could do, and I didn’t see it coming.  It so disrupted my life, that I spent hours going within, working on my mind, learning to let go, feeling all those deep painful feelings of loss.

I made a major move across the country to come back to Maine and the seacoast area where I had started out my adult life.  I stayed with family, yet was grieving, I had almost no money, had given up an entire clientele and had packed everything up and moved suddenly.

It took a lot of energy to pull myself out of my desperation and I had to daily give thanks for the situation even though I didn’t like it.  I knew if I kept waking up and thanking God for the experience, I would be ok eventually.

It was very difficult, because the fear of being alone and not knowing how I would make a living or where I should live became acute at times. I had to keep asking for help, from God and from people I barely knew.

What I found was that everyone wanted to help me in some way.  There were people that I met at a Unity church and they all helped me. I found I could make friends easily, and began to feel connected again.  I had to keep going forward and stop looking back at what I’d left behind.

I opened up to receive, and asked for what I needed and was given everything, day by day, including a large sum of money to begin my new business.  Yes, it’s true.  Miracles do happen all the time, if we stay open to receive them.

The miracles made me very grateful, and whenever I heard myself complain, I realized I needed to stop and get quiet and release whatever was underneath that pain.  I paid really close attention to my thoughts and my beliefs.

I made sure I thanked God for all that I was experiencing, even the pain.

I worked on the idea that I was in a major transition and it meant letting go of the deepest fears I ever had, stuff from early childhood.  I had come full circle, having moved to NYC and Wisconsin for all of my adult life, and then returned home to the area I grew up in.  I learned to be thankful for my life’s adventures, the travel, the marriages, the children, the awakening experiences, my teachers, my friends and I could not feel alone.

The Voice in my head said to me, “I didn’t bring you here for nothing”.

So the point is, when we can be grateful even when it seems impossible, life opens up in new ways and points us to where the love is.

There, you know where…

Deep inside of you and all around you.



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Apr 272017

Here’s a link to my latest 60 minute class that heals the mind and shifts you out of fear.  It has a guided healing from the beginning and a talk on the Course in Miracles, Lessons 65 & 66, how to choose happiness, in the midst of chaos or fear.

These two lessons are so important, as they lighten up your mind and show you that your only real function is to be happy.  How that is accomplished is also demonstrated.  Hint:  It’s always a choice you make within your own mind, no matter what is going on around you.

Happiness is My Function

You can easily download it onto your computer and listen to it.

Let us know how you liked it!

When you join in the light, you heal everything and everyone, because it’s all going on in you.

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Mar 152017

I am humbled by the success of our empowering book Midlife Transformations published by Inspired Living Publishing.

All 29 stories in this book, mine included!, inspire women everywhere to move through our self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and take a chance on finding our true connection to our life purpose.

Please order your copy today on amazon.com to be inspired to make that change and dare to step into your empowered new life.





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Feb 112017

You know those incessant thoughts that keep you up at night, when your mind races and worries about tomorrow, the next day, next year…what might happen later just take you over?

You toss, you turn, you get up, you try reading, making to do lists, anything…but something won’t let you sleep.

Do you want a simple practice that will help?

When fear arises and obsesses you, try this simple exercise. A few moments of peace in the middle of the night would help, right?

First, tell yourself: I want peace. Peace is my birthright.

Now do this:

  1. Sit down. Bring your attention into your heart space, the center of your chest.  30 seconds
  2. Take 10 deep belly breaths through the nose. Give the exhale a complete release, pause, then inhale for 2 minutes.  If there is discomfort, breathe even deeper into the belly.
  3. Now imagine a small sphere of golden light in the center of your chest. If you can’t see it, that’s OK. Give it 1 minute.
  4. Thank your heart for working so well for you every day, ask it to please slow down. 30 seconds
  5. See the sphere of light grow until it radiates out into your whole torso. 3 minutes.
  6. Now imagine the fear or what it represents is an image about 6 feet in front of you. It could be a person or a situation…just see it visually in front of you. 1 minute. Got it?
  7. Send the golden light from your heart to that image, like a firehose of light, no matter what it is or if you can see it or not. Repeat “I forgive you”. 2 minute
  8. Envelop yourself in light and repeat “I forgive you” to yourself. 1 minute
  9. Give thanks. 1 minutes.

Repeat the above steps with any fear thought that troubles you.  Now notice if you feel calmer.

It seems too simple to work, but if you try it, you will get a result.  Attention can be placed on anything you choose.

Fear comes from a false idea, it is never based upon something real.  You are imagining it and it exists only your mind.  If you don’t like fear, you can simply make a choice to experience something else instead by forgiving yourself for believing it.

The Self is always watching you go through fear states.  That You is always accessible and it is found in the heart space in the center of your chest.

This You has great power.  It knows who and what it is. It is not fooled by fear thoughts that cloud your mind. It is always accessible to you when you focus on it and give it your attention.

When you put your attention on the heart, it slows down the mind. Focusing on the golden light will release the fear. This is a very simple idea: light replaces darkness or lack of light.

When you put your attention on light, you become calmer and happier.  You are remembering who you really are.

The light is always there, we just forget all the time, and allow fear to enter our minds and bodies.  But you don’t have to do this anymore.

The simple exercise always produces a result.  All you have to do is do it.

I hope this helps you today.


Monica Dubay

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Sep 012016

Do you want to be wealthy?  Does the very word turn your stomach?  Do you know why? You have money blocks!

woman money 300Your mind blocks you from allowing wealth into your life if you think thoughts like:  I don’t deserve to be wealthy, If I have more than others they will judge me, or I’m not good with money.

How about this lie?  I would have to work too hard to be wealthy…that’s a good one.

When you believe that thought, you are not going to be wealthy no matter how many affirmations you state.

What is wealth?  My definition of wealth is simple:

You are wealthy when you have enough money to do what you love and fulfill your purpose without having to work too hard!

What do you believe about money?

In the Release Your Money Blocks Master Class, I uncover and release 21 beliefs energetically forever from your subconscious.  After that, you naturally begin to embrace wealth into your life.  Wealth and abundance is who you fundamentally are.

Abundant wealth is knowing you are here for a purpose and are fulfilling it with enthusiasm while becoming free of false beliefs.

Affirmations are useless if you don’t believe you deserve wealth. Believing you are already deserving, requires a fundamental change in your perception of who you are.

You may know plenty of people who have a lot of money, but are not free of fear, so they are not happy.

Being wealthy has to do more with our beliefs about ourselves than how much money we have.

Until I uncovered and released these 21 specific beliefs, nothing changed.

After I found this clearing technique and held some live workshops, and my clients all raved about their experience about how it affected their lives, I had to pay attention.

That’s why I decided to offer this Master Class at such a reasonable introductory price. Click here to find out more.

All 21 beliefs about money are released in the 2 hour Release Your Money Blocks Master Class.  Once you listen to it, you can free yourself of other beliefs that may come up later on.  You can listen to the Master Class as many times as you like.

My life’s goal is to free people from lack and fear entirely, so I will do whatever I can to help you become free.  I want you to fulfill your life’s purpose and you can’t do that if you stay in lack or fear.

I know because I was there and I found my way out.

Your life is important, there are people waiting for you to embrace your power, so you can help them! Don’t waste time by believing you can’t have wealth.

Click here to access your financial freedom… it’s a powerful release and I’ve made it so simple for you; all you need do is listen! Click below to read more.

Free Yourself Products
















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Jul 102016

“If you desire something, and then deny that you desire it, that’s cowardice and spiritual laziness. And what’s more, it’s a lie.”

Edwene Gaines, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

Do you set goals for yourself in your life and business?  I never liked to, and thought it was greedy.  I shied away from issues of money because I thought it wasn’t spiritual.

I just wanted to heal people, I thought.

Now my business is soaring.  How?

I stopped lying to myself, like Edwene Gaines says.

I got honest and set a financial goal every month and I learned something I didn’t realize about myself…

I love a challenge!

Each month that I set a money goal, I open up to new ideas that generate that much and I get freaking inspired.

I wonder:  how many people can I reach?

I see myself serving more and more people to help them meet and surpass their goals.

I love to stretch my vision, offer something new, a bold reach beyond what I’ve done so far. I love being in the ‘zone’ where anything is possible.

So, a little while ago, I did just that.

I’d been wanting to offer a workshop I had given many times live as a tele-class.  It’s called Release Your Money Blocks and Find Financial Freedom.

My trusted virtual assistant knew what to do, but I wanted to do it within 10 days, and it usually takes about a month to set it up.

Well, I’m never one to dilly-dally, so I just went crazy and did it.

What a whirlwind!

I wrote all the emails and the content in 7 days.

Each day I faced a new unknown task.  Silly me, I just kept going.

Even if it failed, I figured, I would learn so much just by going for it.

And yet, to my surprise…it worked!

A bunch of people signed up, and after the event, I had a recording of the class.

The class was powerful, not only the content, but also because I did something new.  I loved the positive feedback from the participants.

Honestly, I didn’t realize how effective the content truly was, until I heard the responses.

Everyone spoke about how powerful it was because the false money beliefs we cleared during the class were ones that have plagued them for years.

They just didn’t know what to do about it.

That’s the thing.  I do know.  I teach you a simple process of release and give you a workbook that shows you how to do it yourself.  As a bonus, I also give you a guided meditation that heals your mind of limiting ideas.

It’s all yours when you sign up and take the workshop.

So, be on the lookout for this workshop.  It’s only 2 hours long, and it will be offered for a limited time.

Why should you care? Well, if you already have all the money you want and all the business you can handle, then great.

But if not, you just might need this workshop.

What will happen to you?  If you don’t take it, nothing, you can stay right where you are.

But if you do decide you need help, imagine this:

Your beliefs, deeply held beliefs that you absorbed just by being in your family, will be gone and you will feel like a new person.

The only question you should ask yourself right now is:

Are you ready for a dramatic shift in your money consciousness ?

Imagine being wide open to the abundance of the universe.  Your shame and fear around money, is just, well… gone!

You embrace your calling with clarity and get support for fulfilling it. Ideas come to you out of the blue that change how you do your business.

You simply stretch yourself and reach for the stars!

Then, watch how your life changes.

All the participants said it catapulted them into fearlessness and they got totally inspired.

Some started new businesses, some quit their jobs and found new ones, one met a man of her dreams, and many were approached by people out of nowhere with business opportunities.

And doors opened.

My business coach featured me on her newsletter just because I got all uppity.

I like being a winner.

Don’t you?

So, set your goal, move into a whole new life of freedom from financial concerns, and know you are worth it.

Life is an adventure, right?

But if you’re afraid to make a big splash, maybe it’s time to get a little crazy and help change someone’s life today.

Isn’t that why you’re here?

It just might be your life that changes.

Love and blessings!




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Jun 112016

Here is a great interview with me & my gorgeous friend Monica Dubay on Unity Online Radio about eliminating sabotaging beliefs. http://www.unity.fm/episode/LivingInJoy_061016 Make sure to stay tuned for the second half of the show (after the break) in which Monica gives a guided meditation that you won’t want to miss! Click here for the recording http://www.unity.fm/episode/LivingInJoy_061016 Monica Dubay was healed of acute anxiety and depression in 1989 through realizing the power of the mind to heal. She has dedicated her life to helping others. She is a healer, spiritual teacher, writer, and catalyst for transformational leadership. She had a profound awakening through the mind-training of A Course in Miracles. She offers life-changing workshops called Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life on topics of healing, transformation and money. Her mission is to help people undergo mind/body transformation through a release of core beliefs using simple processes of healing. If you feel stuck in life and yet feel you have a purpose and calling to serve through love and healing and to help others, tune in to this inspiring interview.

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May 312016

Amazing how simple it is to undo fear, with The Work of Byron Katie. I just spent the weekend with her at the Omega Institute.

What happened to me?

I woke up in the morning with the thought: I’m afraid it’s not going to work.

It doesn’t matter what isn’t going to work, it could be anything, but it related to my opening a new office and investing in myself and my new business right now.

Immediately, my stomach tightened. You know the feeling, when one idea makes the mind race, and you forget to breathe.

You get all knotted up inside.

Sound familiar?

I thought, really?  Is that thought even true?  How do I know?

Maybe it is, OK, let’s say it is.  It’s not going to work.

How do I react when I believe that thought?

I jot down the feelings it brings up.  I’m anxious, feeling small, doomed to fail, guarded and worried.

Then I asked, what if I dropped that thought?  That one idea?  How would that feel?  Who would I be without it?

I would be happier, I would feel more at ease.

Such a simple thing really…

I am convinced I would be better off without that thought.

I turned it around and stated the opposite: It is going to work.

I was a bit curious.  I went inside and asked how I react to that thought?

Surprisingly, I was afraid of this too.  Why?

Because if it is going to work, then, well…

I would be successful, I would get lots business, people would find me, I would be located in a place I really want to be, I would feel fulfilled, at ease, making money, helping people the way I want to, and clients would be getting the support they want and need.

My life would open up to possibilities I can’t foresee.

My heart opened as I recognized that this thought: It is going to work implied three important things:

  1. I am not my fear, of success or of failure.
  2. It is worth taking the risk.
  3. It may fail. If so, I will learn from it.

Then the light went off inside:  It is already working.

I am doing it…clients are coming to me, I am reaching my audience.  It’s the beginning of a new venture and a new life.

My business has grown to the point where I need my own office, which will establish my presence in Newburyport and online.

I’m connecting with new people by not working from home.  Getting the office is the logical next step.

Then I saw once again that inner vision, like the one I had two years ago when I first declared that I wanted to move to the East Coast and reach more people.

I saw myself in a community, meeting lots of people, having fun.  I am near the water, near Boston, close to my home state of Maine, an ideal location.

The truth is, in less than two years, I have a new business and am serving more clients each week.

I need the office to keep this momentum going and to open up to prosperity.

The point being: my fear was based on nothing.

Fear is never true, it has no real substance. I am learning to trust, knowing I offer heart-centered healing work that’s powerful and needed.

It’s efficient and it’s worked for thousands of people.

It’s life-changing. And it’s changing me.

If you struggle with fear of failure or fear of success, you might want to give “The Work” of Byron Katie a shot.

But don’t take my word for it…try it and see what happens.

I help people like you change their stifling fearful beliefs with this method and others.

Isn’t it time you let go of fear and move into your real purpose now?

If so, see for yourself how it works. Or call me for a Discovery Session.  What do you have to lose?

The four questions and the turnaround are from Byron Katie’s The Work.  You can download the worksheet for learning to release your fear by using this simple method at TheWork.com.



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May 182016

When I first started my new business, I needed help with everything.  I was in the discovery stage, and not aligned with my purpose, I didn’t even know what my business would be at all. I had a vision, but that’s all it was…a vision.

I was a massage therapist with a thriving practice, but after five years, I just didn’t like the repetition.  Yes, I was healing people and getting wonderful results with a limited number of clients, but something kept nudging me, a deep urge within me that kept me up at night.

The fact was, if I were to serve one person at a time in a small town in the Midwest, my life felt small. Not to belie the fact that massage therapists are amazing healers and extremely dedicated and way too underpaid.

But I had other talents too.  I had been a spiritual counselor, energy healer and teacher of A Course in Miracles for over 20 years, yet I didn’t know how to define my skills, or my spiritual gifts.

I wanted to expand my business and my reach exponentially, while focusing on what I do best.

But what do I do best?, I wondered.

I had amazing life experience teaching and leading retreats and classes in topics related to A Course in Miracles, so I knew I could do that.  But I wanted to meet people on a more personal level, to see how my gifts could serve them and help them move more quickly into their life purpose.  To help them find themselves and live a fuller life so they could be happy and fulfilled.

But I didn’t know how. This is what helped me the most:

I became focused on how best to serve my clients, to define what their needs are, then to see how my skills could serve those needs.

This was key. It really wasn’t about me.

It was about what frustrates people, what it feels like to know you have a calling, a greater thing to do, but you can’t quite put your finger on what it is. I was going through it myself, so I could teach what I was learning: a perfect setup.

I had to look at my life and see what I’ve done, where I’ve been and how I could serve people best knowing what I have come to know.

I was surprised at what I discovered.

I saw that even without a university degree in counseling, I was better at it than a lot of people because of my spiritual growth and experience. I learned how to value that and to recognize that my life as an energy healer and a spiritual guide was very valuable.

I had spent over 25 years in a dedicated spiritual program.  I had been through intense transformative experiences through my personal life, with three divorces, two children, losses of custody and material wealth and I was still standing.  And although I wobbled a bit from life’s lessons, I truly felt more myself than ever.  Devastation leads to intense growth.

I saw that each stage of my life, each choice I had made catapulted me beyond a place of comfort and I had repeatedly rebelled against stagnation.  I had to admit, I have a clear sense of who I am because I was willing to challenge the status quo over and over again.

I began to see myself as a transformative agent.  I didn’t even know what that really meant, but it didn’t matter. I am a trail blazer and I reinvent myself every few years.  I have struggled, tried many things, failed at some and survived them all.

One thing that really works for me is following my inner guide, which began after coming out of depression at 30 years old.  That’s when I found my spiritual path.  From that moment on, I stayed connected to my inner wisdom team, who are always available.  If I listened, got quiet, wrote things down they were communicating to me, I was golden.

Things would just appear at the right moment when I listened to what to do, where to go, and take the next step.

Was it easy? Heck no!

It was a constant release of things I didn’t need or want any more.  It was really challenging and sometimes, way too hard. Like when I turned 40, I left a comfortable home in suburban New York to pursue my spiritual path, disrupting my family and my entire life. I knew I had to do this or I would continue to suffer because staying “safe” wasn’t safe at all. It was painful and although the choice seemed extremely risky, I just knew I had to do it.

I chose growth and kept searching and finding my way.  The focus of my life has become a very simple idea and I’m committed to it:  to “Know Thyself”.

So, that’s what I bring to the table when I meet with people who are looking for help. It’s as simple as knowing what I know from my own life’s discoveries.

If you are struggling with finding your purpose, it could be that you are just not seeing what amazing abilities you have developed over the course of your lifetime.  You may not value them because they are so natural to you.

Yet, they are very valuable to someone else.  They need them and they need you, specifically.

There are those who you are meant to serve and they are waiting for you to show up. Until you do, they stay lost.

When I really embraced this idea, I realized, I’d better get moving. I hired a business/blogging coach, then took a blogging course on-line, and then signed up with a holistic coaching program for healers.  Then I launched my business and let everything happen without stress or strain…well, not exactly.

I was completely broke when I began this new business, my husband had just left which left me with thousands in debt. I didn’t have a roof over my head, I had left the state, closed my massage practice and started over with nothing, moved back to the East Coast, not knowing where I really wanted to land.  I had my car payment and debts to meet each month, with no income, no job, no friends, and no clients.

Yet, in the midst of letting my old life go, I stayed focused and got the help I needed.  Rooms to stay in, money, people, and support kept coming. I stayed open to receiving and accepted with gratitude all that came my way.

So, if I can do it, so can you.

  • Here’s the thing, when you take the attention off of you, and focus on what people around you are struggling with the most, what keeps them up at night, this opens a door of possibility.

Then ask yourself, what skills, insights, spiritual gifts, talents, or just life experience do you have that could help someone with that problem.

  • In other words, what problem have you had, that you learned how to solve through your life experience?

Don’t forget your personal relationships, like if you are a parent, or a partner to someone, you have developed skills that you probably just take for granted.  I realized I was a great mother, compassionate, loving, able to forgive and stay committed to my inner growth during those formative years.  I didn’t realize what a huge gift that was to my children and myself.

  • What qualities do other people compliment you on? What do they see in you that you don’t see in yourself.

For instance, when a friend said she thought I was a “natural” at healing, I was so surprised, I didn’t even value my abilities. I thought everyone was like me and my self-doubt was huge.  But, I just kept challenging my beliefs, and now I am a master of changing beliefs.

  • When you are just getting started, you need to ask for help.

Your spiritual support is always there. You have to invite them into your awareness, you have to link up with them and become clear about what you want. They can’t tell you that, it’s up to you to discover it, but once you make your decision to really embrace your purpose, life will support you with the help you need.

I know you can do it, if you want some help, you can always ask someone who has been through it.  Or hire a coach and begin to embrace the moment of opportunity right now.

In love and light,

Monica Dubay

Founder, Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life


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May 052016

Have you ever found that reciting affirmations did nothing, even after several months, maybe even years?

Do you want to know why?

You don’t believe them.  They are statements that don’t ring true for you and you know that or you wouldn’t want to keep affirming they are true.

The mind is tricky, but its not stupid.

If you believed the affirmation, you would simply live it. It would be obvious and true for you.

But when you try to change your mind by stating affirmations, your subconscious mind, where your beliefs reside, overrides the affirmation.

It says something like this:  You don’t believe that! Who are you kidding?

In my experience, I help people find the belief that is keeping them stuck, release it through a simple process, and then allow the truth to come through.  It is efficient and it works because you are shown the belief, when it began, and then you are given the opportunity to drop it.

Find the false belief, decide to let it go, and embrace the truth.  Its a simple change in perception.

Why are these beliefs so sticky? You may have been holding that belief since you were 2 years old!  Your parents put all their beliefs into your mind, you absorbed them, and then you thought they were true.

The good news: They weren’t true then or now. You simply haven’t yet learned how to let them go.

I am often amazed at how easy it is to release beliefs, in my workshops people say, I’ve always felt this way, since my teacher or parent or sibling told me this.  I just accepted it.  Even though I didn’t like it, I didn’t know how to let it go.

So, after a workshop with me, you do!  There is nothing more I’d rather do than help you release false beliefs that are keeping you in pain, or in lack, doubt or fear.

I help you to see the illusion, because all beliefs that are based in those states can be released, simply because they are NOT true.

Once you see they are not true, you can release them.

I teach you to embrace the power of your Real Self that can tell the difference between the truth and falsity.  For example, critic voices are all lies. They are telling you what is NOT true. They can be mean and viscious too.

You don’t have to continue to listen to these voices, and you don’t have to continue to believe you are a victim of the false beliefs you have been conditioned to believe since you were a child.

Why is it so important to change your beliefs?

The beliefs are the blueprint upon which you build your world.  When you attach emotions to them, you get the thoughts and behaviors that are formed from them.  Its simple physics: it is the law of cause and effect.

So, if the beliefs you maintain are in alignment with what you desire, great.  But if they are not, you can go back to the blueprint and change the design.  It is a simple matter of seeing what is working, what is out of alignment with who you are and what you want to believe.  Then you can drop a belief, and choose a new one.

Lets use the analogy of a house has been built upon the blueprint of your subconscious mind. Your blueprint is the structure, the plan for your beliefs, the emotions are the builders and the materials are the thoughts and behaviors.  If you want to change the fundamental blueprint upon which your “house” stands, you must go to the foundation, the beliefs, and change them there.  Then your house can be built upon rock, upon truth and that will bring you freedom, happiness and joy.

If your house is built upon false ideas, untrue beliefs, it is built upon lies, upon nothing solid at all.  You get the result: thoughts and feelings of being out of alignment with the truth.

If you want to change the “house” upon which your world is based, you need to change the fundamentals: the foundation of mental thought.

I can help you see what illusions you still harbor, what beliefs keep you stuck in a paradigm of fear and low self-worth. These beliefs are treacherous to your mind, and when you’ve had enough of the pain they cause, its time you let them go.

Here are the important points about beliefs:

  1. You have forgotten that you are a divine mind, you have let your mind go a bit foggy and forgetful.  You forgot you made up all the untruth, the lies you have believed for so long. Most people go through life not having resolved these fundamental beliefs that cause them so much pain.
  2. One belief is exclusive of other beliefs.  If you believe you are not worthy of love or of living an extraordinary life, guess what…you won’t ever feel different, until you release that belief.
  3. All you behavior is based upon your beliefs, so if you were to let this one go, can you imagine what it would feel like?  To suddenly realize: I am worthy of love and of living an extraordinary, unlimited life?
  4. Human beings are masterful self-limiters.  We go around with these beliefs in lack, littleness and sorrow.  Until we die. Then its too late.

What if you could release all this now, and open up to a life filled with unlimited possibility?

I know it sounds too good to be true, because if you don’t believe it, it is, for you.

But if you had the chance to let all that limitation go, if you knew all those self-limiting beliefs can be changed to other beliefs, those that give you hope, a sense of purpose and freedom of mind?  Wouldn’t you rather have that?

What are you waiting for? Set up a free Discovery call. And let’s get you moving on your journey of freedom and self-discovery.  Where you get to create the life you choose.  You are worth it.



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