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What You Can Expect from the Free Mind Alignment Session

  1. Find out where you’re stuck
  2. Get coaching to unblock you
  3. Give you a strategy for moving forward.
  4. Give you renewed energy and enthusiasm for your life

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Benefits of my powerful Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life Transformation Program:

  • Find and clarify your life’s purpose and business goals
  • Free up your relationship with money,
  • Greater self-esteem,
  • Know your ideal clients
  • More clients wanting your services
  • Calmed emotions
  • Resolved chronic, emotional stuck energy
  • Living your life of purpose and prosperity
  • Deep sense of well-being.


OMG, Monica.  Thank you so so much for our session yesterday.  I made a huge shift.  You helped restore my faith that a path was all laid out for me and everything would work out.  You reinforced for me the potential of my consulting business, how it would provide me with the learning and financial security I want to create in my life to move forward towards my BIG DREAM.  I have known this, but I have not felt it.  I was able, for the first time, to completely move past my anxieties around limited money and self-consciousness in crowds.  I was able to feel how amazing my future is and bring that into my present.  I went to the networking meeting last night filled with love and excitement.  For the first time (I have been doing this for 10 years), I was relaxed and had fun.  I met people interested in the consulting product and the life coaching.   I don’t even care if any of the leads from last night turn into income.  I am happy and know that somehow, it will all work out.  Of course you can use this quote. I want everyone to know how amazing a coach you are. The more people you coach, the better the world becomes.   Brad Fanger, 2-22-17

More than a year ago I prayed for a spiritual guide, someone to show me how to live a more fulfilling, profound life, day to day.  I wanted to stop searching outside myself for answers and learn how to trust my intuition and God’s guidance. Monica Dubay came into my life as a mentor, coach, and spiritual guide. Monica’s work with A Course of Miracles gives her a powerful foundation of complete love and acceptance. She lives a profound, spiritual life and she coaches from the same perspective. She counsels with focus, presence, understanding and a sense of oneness. She gave me ways to uncover the blocks and beliefs that kept me from living the spiritual life I desired. Her process allowed me to find my own answers and trust God’s wisdom, which I discovered was living inside me the whole time. I no longer feel like I am searching. I have the faith and relationship with God I always wanted. Monica Dubay is a channel to a deeper understanding of yourself and your innate wisdom. She is more than a spiritual guide; she is a shepherd to self-awareness.  Melissa Dugan,  Feb 2018.