Hello, I’m Monica Dubay, and I am glad you found my site.  I am a Spiritual Life and Business Coach and bestselling author.

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Coaching is a powerful way to transform your life.

Get the support you have been seeking now!  I work privately with people and want to support you in transforming your life.

I work with my private clients by phone or online meeting, so there’s no excuse not to work with me.

You are probably in pain in some way…Are you:

  • frustrated by blocked emotions in life or work?
  • afraid to step boldly into your life purpose or upscale your business?
  • wanting more money and confidence to earn more?
  • wanting to create your heart-centered business and have impact?
  • at a plateau and need support to have a breakthrough to your next powerful level?

IF so, you’ve come to the right place.

Most of my clients are entrepreneurs such as coaches, leaders and healers who have a desire to serve and impact people but are struggling. They want to have impact in the world, but don’t have a strategy..

You don’t have to live there, however.

Imagine being the powerful, confident and amazing person you really are.

How would it feel to step into your freedom from fear and know who you are and what you are meant to do here?

How would it feel to have a purpose and create a life where you are in charge and are living with clarity and confidence?

Here’s the help you’ve been seeking:

Sign up right now for a FREE Coaching Session, called the Mind Alignment Session. You will discover what you really want, what is blocking you, and learn how to take action today. You will leave with renewed enthusiasm and energy to move forward.

I so look forward to our talk to help you become aligned with your real purpose and make a real difference in the world!


You need coaching to give you a strategy, a way to get from where you now are to a more meaningful and powerful life, where  your mental, emotional and business life are in alignment with who you really are.

Hope is not a strategy.

You may need to make some real changes…

Let’s face it…

You won’t change unless you do something to change. 

Just thinking you will doesn’t cut it.  You’ve may have tried lots of on-line programs and still feel blocked and frustrated, and scattered with so many ideas of what to do.


Believe me, I know how valuable it is to have support, it made all the difference to me in my life and business.  Once I got that support, I got clear about 3 things:

  1. I’m a powerful coach who can really help people transform their lives
  2. I walk the walk.  I’ve dedicated 30 years to my own personal transformation.
  3. I am deeply committed to my clients and have a strategy that GETS RESULTS.

Once I got very clear about my purpose, and got the support I needed by finding an amazing coach who understood me…my business took off!

Why is my program unique?

The Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life Transformation Program is coaching at its absolute best because all my clients GET RESULTS.

The program addresses your deep subconscious mindset with compassion, love and the highest spiritual healing and combines that with business savvy to help you move forward.

I  have a laser-like ability to find the cause of your problem, and release it with powerful energy healing.

You will grow quickly to enhance your life using practical tools, such as money mindset shifts and a strategy that is unique to you.


Your unique gifts need to be brought into the world!  Your life has meaning and impact. You need help to have a deep transformation.  Not just get some advice or learn a technique.

Do you want to experience real transformation and come out of suffering forever?

My Story

When I was depressed and in acute anxiety back in 1989, I had panic attacks, wasn’t able to sleep and felt completely lost.  Then I found my spiritual path and my inner guide and within months my life was transformed. I went to work for Marianne Williamson within a few months, and my life was changed from fear to the joy of answering the call to serve.

Over the past 28 years, I have been helping to bring people into alignment with their Real authentic self using effective laser-like methods and focus.

I can confidently say that all my clients have major breakthroughs in their consciousness which affects their personal lives and businesses.

But don’t take my word for it:

Here’s what clients experience:

I have worked with Monica just over a year. In that year, I have had more healing than in my lifetime of soul searching, faith building, inner child work, family counseling and personal therapy. She uses not only potent coaching practices but also powerful, energy work to magnify healing. Every week she steadily and easily guides me deeper and deeper into my soul. She has opened me up to truly knowing myself and discovering my unique path. I am an entirely different person than I was one year ago. I am happier, more satisfied, grounded, at peace and definitely, more accepting of myself and others. Our work together has grown beyond healing old wounds and feeling better. Monica is helping me strengthen my intuition and build my faith. She is more than a guide, coach, and mentor. She is a voice of unconditional love, pure acceptance, and Universal understanding.  Melissa Dugan, August 2017

This unique program will help you:

  1. Quickly release emotional blocks or painful memories from the past
  2. Become empowered and aligned to your True Self and Life Purpose
  3. Receive more money, charge and earn what you’re worth
  4. Create a strategy to bring your unique gifts into the world for greater impact
  5. Take good care of yourself while building a business of your dreams.
  6. Live the most impactful life you can imagine.

To find out more, schedule your Mind Alignment call with me now.  I take only those who are serious and want to work on their beliefs and shift their consciousness to get into gear and make those changes they’ve been struggling with for too long.

 I’ve had the pleasure of working with Monica Dubay and her Heal Your Mind Heal Your Life Transformation Program. Her work is compassionate, intuitive and powerful and it has already made a dramatic difference in my life! I was holding on to some very self-limiting beliefs around my self-worth and supporting myself doing work that I love.  In our work together, we pulled those belief out of the darkness, faced them TOGETHER and released them from my body, mind and soul.

It has been such a tremendous relief to finally feel as though I am truly moving forward and no longer letting these beliefs control my future. In the past I had done good healing work but it wasn’t quite enough…affirmations, positive thinking, meditation, therapy are all beneficial, but they don’t remove the beliefs from within you and that is what Monica does so beautifully and skillfully!

Since starting our work together many positive things have come into my life – more business, increased funds, a new love interest, speaking opportunities and support from unexpected sources. Abundance takes many forms and I see it coming to me easily because I believe that it will! This is a powerful change for me and I thank my work with Monica for helping to create this change!

I look forward to continuing our work together and my internal transformation that will continue to take place. Thank you Monica for the powerful, intuitive and healing work that you offer the world!!  Paula Foster, April 2016